Consulate of Dominican Republic Boston



The Consulate of Dominican Republic Boston in United States

The Consulate of Dominican Republic Boston in the United States is the diplomatic mission of the Dominican Republic to the United States. The Consulate serves as an intermediary between US citizens and the Dominican government. It is led by a consul general appointed by the President of the Dominican Republic. The office provides services such as notarizing signatures for documents in order to be legal in both countries; issuing passports which are valid for up to 10 years; providing information on visas and work permits; facilitating adoptions; registering births; processing marriage licenses; recording deaths; providing information on dual nationality (including children born outside U.S territory) and more.


Immigration and Citizenship

The Consulate has a Visa Section that issues tourist visas, non-immigrant visas, and immigrant visas for those who wish to reside in the Dominican Republic permanently. For those seeking residency in the U.S., there is a section that handles all types of American Visas including K1, F1, H4 EAD, R2 etc. For more information on these services please visit their website at



Who can apply for a visa?

All citizens and residents of the Dominican Republic (DR) who are living outside the country and wish to return to their homeland for a visit or other purpose. Citizens and residents of other countries who wish to enter DR for tourism, business or work purposes.



Contact information

The Consulate is located at:

1 West Street, Suite 203 Boston, MA 02111

The telephone number for the Consulate is: (617) 227-9950

The email address for visa inquiries and appointments is:

For general information or questions about passports, please contact them at: