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The Spanish Consulate in the United States is a diplomatic organization that provides services to Spanish citizens and foreigners of Spanish descent. The consulate offers information about Spain, Spain’s culture and traditions, and provides general information on how to apply for a visa or residency permit.


Services Provided by the Spanish Consulate

The Spanish Consulate in the United States offers services to Spanish citizens residing in the United States.

Some of these services include:

  • Providing information on how to register as a US resident for tax purposes
  • Issuing passports and identity cards
  • Processing visas, residence permits, work permits, study permits and other immigration documents
  • Providing legal guidance on property matters, divorce proceedings and custody issues
  • Providing consular assistance if you are arrested or detained abroad The Spanish Consulate.





How to Apply for a Visa

To apply for a Spanish Visa, you must first have a passport that is valid for at least three months from the date of your planned arrival in Spain. We recommend that you also bring photocopies of all your personal identification documents with you to the appointment.

When applying, the following documents are required:

  • Valid passport – Birth certificate or other proof of nationality
  • Proof of employment and income (a letter from employer, bank statement)
  • Travel itinerary and hotel reservation
  • Medical insurance coverage for duration of stay in Spain (applicants residing outside Spain should submit their application through an embassy or consulate in their country).

If this is not the consulate you are looking for, here we have other consulates:

Types of Visas

The Spanish consulate is responsible for providing consular services to Spanish citizens, like visas. The Spanish consulate provides different types of visa including tourist visas, student visas, work visas and family reunification. For more information on these services please visit our website at



How to contact a Spanish Consulate

If you are an American citizen in need of assistance from the Spanish Consulate, please contact them at 1-212-737-3200.

The Spanish Consulate is located at: 190 Broadway, Suite 1204 New York, NY 10007 USA

DON’T DELAY, GET HELP NOW: 877-719-1229

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