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The Consulate of Ecuador in the United States is a diplomatic institution that represents the government and people of Ecuador. It was established on September 18th, 1914 by the President Rafael Cornea Delgado.

It operates as an embassy, providing consular services to Ecuadorian citizens living in the United States. The Consulate provides assistance to those who need it most by issuing passports, visas and other documents such as certificates of birth or death. The Consulate also offers notary services for legal purposes such as witnessing signatures on contracts or authenticating official documents. Furthermore, the Consulate has a cultural attaché who coordinates cultural exchange programs and provides scholarships for students from Ecuador to study abroad. Ecuadorians living in the US can apply for dual citizenship with their country of residence through the consulate’s office.




Why should you visit the Consulate of Ecuador in the United States?

The Consulate of Ecuador in the United States is a place to visit if you are an Ecuadorian citizen or have any other questions about visiting Ecuador. The staff at the consulate will be able to answer your questions and provide you with information on how to get visas, passports, and other services.

There are many things that people can do while they are visiting Ecuador. They can visit archaeological sites, go hiking in the mountains, see animals in their natural habitats, or enjoy some many festivals that happen throughout the year.





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Who can visit the Consulate of Ecuador in the United States?

Anyone who needs or wants to obtain documents from the consulate, such as: passports, certificates of nationality, identification cards (medulla de identical), birth certificates (certificate de Nascimento), marriage certificates (certificate de matrimonial) and other legal documents issued by the consulate; those who wish to report their lost or stolen passports; those who want to renew their passports; those who want to submit an application for a visa, and those who want to apply for passport.




Services Provided by the Consulate

The Consulate can provide a range of services including:

  • Providing emergency assistance to Ecuadorean citizens who are victims of crime or natural disasters while travelling or living abroad;
  • Issuing passports for Ecuadorean citizens residing in the US;
  • Issuing visas for travelers wanting to visit Ecuador;
  • Processing applications for citizenship by descent (jus sanguinis) processed by the consular section;
  • Facilitating adoptions by Ecuadorean nationals living abroad


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Contact Information

The Consulate of Ecuador is located at: 2118 Panorama Rd NW, Washington DC 20008. The phone number is (202) 462-2668. There are also email addresses for and Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.


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