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The Colombian Consulate in Miami, Florida

The Colombian Consulate in Miami, Florida is the embassy that has been designated by Colombia to provide services to its citizens living in Miami. The Consulate provides different services for Colombians who are either currently residing in the United States or those who are looking to travel to the country.



History of the Colombian Consulate in Miami

The history of the Colombian Consulate in Miami dates back to 1913 when it was established as a general Consulate by President Juan Vicente Gómez to represent Colombia’s interests abroad. In 1927, it became an official diplomatic mission.



Mission Statement

The Consulate is a diplomatic mission that provides consular services to Colombian nationals living or traveling abroad. It also promotes trade and investment opportunities between Colombia and the US through various events and publications.






The Consulate offers consular services to Colombians and other nationals residing in the area.


  • Passports and ID cards can be obtained here for a fee.
  • Visitors can obtain visas here for a fee. – Tourist information is available at this location.
  • Birth certificates can be obtained here for a fee.
  • Legalized documents such as marriage licenses and death certificates may be obtained from this location as well as notarizing signatures on documents such as affidavits or power of attorney forms.

They also offer other services such as cultural activities, events and exhibitions.



Why should I visit the Colombian Consulate in Miami, Florida?

The Colombian Consulate in Miami, Florida is a good place to visit for those who want to know more about the life and culture of Colombia. This Consulate offers many services such as: passport renewals, legal advice and visa applications. There are other events that happen here such as cultural presentations or conferences on various topics. If you need help with anything related to Colombia then this is the best place to go.



Contact Information

The Colombian Consulate in Miami is located at 2800 Biscayne Blvd.

The phone number is 305-576-9300.

The email address for this location is

Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 12:30 and 1:30 to 4:30 pm except holidays or when closed by the Embassy in Washington DC because of a holiday in Colombia.

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