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The Peruvian Consulate in Miami is a consulate of the Republic of Peru. The mission of the Consulate is to promote and protect the interests of Peru and its citizens abroad, as well as to facilitate trade and tourism. The Vice-Consul General of Peru in Miami, Mr. Jorge Luis Godly Perez, assures that his country will continue to be a good partner for the United States on all fronts.


The Peruvian Consulate in Miami is an institution created by the Government of Peru to provide administrative services for Peruvians residing in the United States. The consulate has jurisdiction over Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. It was established on November 9th, 1983 by law No. 25999-1983 and its headquarters are located at 1250 Brickell Avenue. The mission of the Consulate is to provide consular protection for all Peruvians residing in or visiting Florida; to promote economic activities between Peru and Florida; to support cultural exchanges with the local community, and to serve as a link between Peru’s central government and communities abroad.

What is the purpose of the consulate?

The Peruvian Consulate in Miami serves as the representative of the government of Peru to promote trade, tourism and investment. It is also responsible for assisting with immigration matters for those living in or visiting Florida. The consular staff are able to issue passports, provide notarial services and certify documents.



Why does Miami have a consulate?

There are many reasons why Miami has a consulate. One reason is that there are over 1 million people of Peruvian descent living in Miami and it is one of the largest communities in Latin America outside of Peru. Another reason is that Miami has become an important economic center for business between Peru and the United States. There are also many Peruvians who travel to or through Miami on their way to other destinations in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia.


The Consulate provides services such as:

  • Consultation and assistance for citizens and residents of Peru who are traveling to or residing in the United States;
  • Issuing travel documents for those that need them;
  • Providing information about visas and other immigration matters;
  • Assistance with consular processes (certificates of birth, death, marriage);
  • Assistance with notarial processes (certifying signatures or copies)


Who can apply for a visa at the consulate?

Those who are eligible to apply for a visa at the consulate include: citizens of Peru with dual citizenship or permanent residency in another country; foreigners born in Peru who have not renounced their nationality; children under 18 years old whose parents are both nationals of Peru and have not renounced their nationality; foreigners born in Peru

Contact information

The Peruvian Consulate in Miami is located at:1801 Brickell Avenue, Suite 900 Miami, FL 33131-2108

Phone: (305) 358-6200

Fax: (305) 358-6212


DON’T DELAY, GET HELP NOW: 305-506-1974

How to get there?

The Peruvian Consulate in Miami can be reached by taking the Metro rail to Government Center and then transferring to the Metro bus Route 27. The bus stop for this route is across from the OFNI Mall on NW 18th Street and NW 1st Ave. Ask a driver where to get off for a consulate building.

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