Consulate of El Salvador Dallas



The Consulate of El Salvador in Dallas

The Consulate of El Salvador in Dallas is a diplomatic mission representing the government of El Salvador. The Consulate provides information on the country, its culture and resources to anyone interested in learning more about El Salvador.


Who can go to the Consulate? What do they do there?

U.S. citizens who are traveling to or residing in El Salvador and those with family living there can visit this Consulate for assistance with any issues related to their stay or travel plans, as well as other legal needs such as notarizing documents, obtaining a certified copy of an act, consular reports of birth abroad, etcetera.




Where they are locate

The Consulate of El Salvador in Dallas is located at the following address: 3625 N. Central Expressway Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75206


How to get in contact with them

Contact information:

Phone: (214) 939-8500

Fax: (214) 939-850.