Benefits Of Vanuatu Citizenship Program



The country Vanuatu is nestled in the pacific region. It is well-known for its private beaches, remoteness, and luxurious life. People who seek privacy come here to calm their nerves from the hustle of the city and other fast-paced countries. The citizenship through investment program was launched in 2017. In an exchange on investment, it gives the investor and their families passports.

Benefits Of Vanuatu Citizenship Program

Citizenship lets you travel visa-free to 130 countries without any income or capital
gains tax. No minimum stay or language requirements.

Permanent Residency

Apply the permanent residency to travel the world visa-free.

Visa-Free Access

This is the second passport you need to truly be an international citizen. Travel without the wait for a visa.

Fastest Citizenship & Low Fees

Get your passport in under two months and if you work with us, you’ll see the lowest fees in the market.

Easily Pass the Citizenship Test

Your citizen application would clear since we conduct strong background checks prior to application itself. It’s a simple procedure, that is completely handled by the management team.

Full Confidentiality & Flexibility

Your details stay private with our management team who has been trusted for decades to help investors navigate citizenship in new countries. Apply at your convenience, from your home.

How much to spend to obtain the passport?

To obtain a passport, one must make a donation of $130,000 for individuals and $150,000 for couples. After you make this payment and pay the other application fees, the process would be kickstarted.

Many people look for a second home to keep their wealth safe. Sometimes, people want to skip the stringent and expensive visa applications into different countries. They benefit from this citizenship as the passport of Vanuatu is one of the powerful ones.

Quick processing

Your passport here can be processed in under 30 days. They have a fast processing system which makes it very advantageous. You do not have to wait six months like in other countries. You can apply for this passport while you make plans for your next vacation or business trip.

Strong passport

It is the 39th strongest passport globally and guarantees seamless travel across many countries without the long hassle of visa applications. You can visit near 130 countries visa-free, including UK.

Tax relief

Sometimes people consider a second passport when they find out that the taxes are too hefty in the country whose citizenship they hold. Vanuatu has no inheritance tax, income tax or wealth tax system in place. Hence, it is a tax haven. One can enjoy their income for themselves without having to pay much in taxes.

No residence requirements.

Countries that offer citizenship require their applicants to stay for a specified duration before they are considered for the citizen. But you do not need for here in Vanuatu.  You do not even need a residence here or attend an interview physically to obtain your passport. During the oath ceremony, a video call is made, and that completes your citizenship process.


Your second passport details are not sharing with any third party, including your home country. This allows you to enjoy citizenship without anybody’s knowledge. It is perfect when you are on the lookout for privacy. Away from the paparazzi and the attention, you can take a break.

Transparent application process

Usually, many countries require the citizen to pay up large sums of money even before the application is processed. But at Vanuatu, pay 25% of the donation sum during the application. You can pay the rest after the approval of the application.