Green Card Processing Time: Everything that you need to know

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Now that you want to apply for Green Card, you must be eager to know the time required to complete the process. Green card processing time might take anywhere between seven to thirty-three months depending on the type of card applied for. Continue reading the post to learn more about the current processing time required for Green Card and other useful information it is important to take into account the knowledge necessary to choose the right lawyer for each case.

What Is the Green Card Processing Time?

Typically, the time required for the Green Card to reach your hand after you have applied for the same is called Green Card processing time. There is no denying that green cards aren’t issued overnight and receiving one takes some time. How much time is required depends on several factors.

These might include the type of family relationship that you have to get a green card. Also, it depends on whether the relative is holding a legal permanent residence or legal United States citizenship. Additionally, where you are from, whether you have applied for the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, and so on are equally important.

In general, the current processing time for green cards takes seven to thirty-three months. Furthermore, it depends on several factors such as the location of the processing office, the type of card applied for, etc.

For Whom Is the Green Card Processing Time?

Below listed are the persons who apply for Green Cards.

  • Family preference
  • Employment-based
  • Returning resident immigrant visas
  • Diversity visas

Examples That Might Help You

Wait times for processing Green Cards are discussed below.

  1. To get a green card through marriage, the time could be anywhere between ten and thirteen months. Also, called the IR-1 visa, the marriage green card takes less processing time compared to family preference visas.
  2. Family preference visas come with yearly limits. It means that the processing time may vary anywhere between one year to ten years in rare cases. Besides, the date when the applicant’s form is renewed is called the priority date. These dates are determined by the state departments and depend on the certain category for processing.
  3. Employment-based green cards depend on 140,000 employment visa types. Also, it depends on different categories and specific percentages. The waiting time depends on the current demand for the visa.
  4. Returning resident visas are for people who return to the US within a year of absence for valid reasons.
  5. After the initial lottery applications, the diversity lottery is announced. The visa processing takes about seven months. Upon selection, you have to complete the forms along with supporting documents.

Where Can You Find More Information About the Processing Time for Green Card?

To check Green Card processing time, there are lots of resources that you can find on the internet. Still, it is good to collect information from websites that hold good and are supported by the government. The right choice for the specific process you are going through depends on the help of the right lawyer you receive.

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