Green Card Lottery

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The United States of America gives 55,000 people globally a chance to win the green card lottery. Once you get the green card, you can immigrate to the U.S. without needing exceptional qualifications such as U.S. relatives or workplaces.

Green card lottery

If you meet the U.S. government’s low entry requirements, you can win the lottery via simple steps. After application, the drawing occurs annually between May and June.

The applicants are randomly selected in the Green Card system. After that, the winners and their families receive a Diversity Immigrant Visa that legally allows them to live and work in the U.S.

Apply for the green card lottery

Through the Green Card Check, you can check if you are eligible to participate in the Green Card Lottery by answering a few questions. You need to follow several steps when applying for the Green Card lottery.

The steps are crucial; thus, it is best to ask for help from a professional immigration service, such as U.S. Green Card Office, to ensure that your application went through successfully. Here are the steps:

1. Online application

You can apply online through our Site. It is user-friendly and will take you less than five minutes.

2. Select an application plan and make payments for the application fee

There is a wide range of application plans. Select one that is most convenient for you.

3. Upload your photo

After payment, upload your photo and wait for our immigration team to help you acquire 100% of everything right.

4. Photo approval by the immigration team

The immigration team goes through each photo and validates them. You are only eligible for the next step if they approve the images 100% correct. You will be informed if one of the photos needs to be rectified.

5. Approval of Diversity Visa application

The immigration team will evaluate your application for a final time and then submit it to the U.S. Government.

6. A personal confirmation number is sent to you from the U.S. Government

Our team receives the submission confirmation from the U.S. Government and uploads it to your account. Keep the number secure, showing that the office successfully submitted and approved your application.

7. Your application becomes part of the Diversity Visa Program drawing

The final draw is enhanced by a random computer-generated draw that ensures all applicants receive equal chances of getting selected. U.S. State Department provides to monitor and verifies the whole drawing process closely.

Green Card lottery results

Once the draw is completed, the results are out, and the Visa Program drawing team notifies the successful applicants.

Further, you are helped to fill out the DS-260 Visa application form online. The application is later submitted to Kentucky Consular Center, which reviews your application.

They email the Diversity Visa program concerning your Visa interview. Be prepared for the interview, and the Immigration officer will review your documents.

If successful, you will be handed an immigrant visa to travel to the U.S. You will also require your temporary proof of Green Card status stamped at your airport at the Port of Entry. Contact us for more information.

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