The Mexicanx Initiative Experience


The Mexicanx Initiative was a campaign to sponsor Worldcon attending memberships and award them to fifty Mexicanx artists, writers, filmmakers, culture shapers, and fans, in order to increase Mexicanx representation in science fiction and fantasy.

The United States has long been a well-known target for artists from around the world. From beginners to experts to the most acclaimed, they are generally ready to showcase their star skills to discerning American crowds around the world. Specialists and artists from around the world come to the U.S. to promote the exchange of ideas and partnerships, acting as representatives of their countries and their trades, and in the process enhancing both social orders.

Artist Visa

The U.S. has always invited artists and performers, in general, and has recognized and considered capable artists from various societies, giving them honors, recognition and awards.

Despite the fact that there may not appear to be many types of visas accessible to artists and entertainers, each artisan and non-established U.S. artist visa has its own suitability, advantages and restrictions. Consequently, it is important for artisans and artists, likewise their managers and additionally specialists, to comprehend and know about the various decisions they could have, and what objective each arrangement needs to keep away from any issues or issues that may happen with movement laws in the US.

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