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The Mexican Consulate Sacramento is a convenient resource in many cases. On this page, gain information about everything you’ll need to know about the Consulate, as told by experienced Sacramento immigration attorneys.

Communicate with an attorney who will cover what the Mexican Consulate Sacramento is, opening hours, where it is placed, how to make an appointment, and what services the Mexican consulate general department provides.

Like always, relate to an experienced Sacramento immigration attorney if you have any more questions about consular services.

What is the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento all about?

What is the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento all about

California may require the services of the Mexican Consulate Sacramento. A consulate is part of a foreign country’s representation in the United States. The consulate general safeguard and secures the rights and interests of Mexicans.

The consulate’s primary responsibilities focus on helping citizens from Mexico who live or are traveling in the United States. But it also stimulates stronger connections between the country and Latino, Mexican, and Mexican-American Communities.

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Services of the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento

Services of the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento

Even though the consulate general’s primary job is to protect Mexican citizens while they are far from home, the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento also offers services for a diversity of legal issues. The consulate general can notarize legal documents and help Mexican citizens who have lost passports, have medical emergencies, or are facing births or deaths of relatives.


For more information and Frequently Asked Questions about these and other subjects on the consulate general, check out the Mexican Consulate’s FAQ page. Atlanta attorneys can help navigate these scenarios and interface with the consulate general department, as well.

Health Services May Be Available at the Mexican Consulate Sacramento, California

Some Mexican Consulate offices provide health resources for uninsured people requiring low-cost or free services. Certain consulate general partner with area health clinics to deliver services on site. Find the local consulate general or an immigration attorney to find out the specifics in your region.

Contact Information for the Mexico Consulate of Sacramento

Here is the contact information for the consulate general in Sacramento;

Contact Information for the Mexico Consulate of Sacramento

  • Mexican Consulate in Sacramento, California
  • (916) 329-3500
  • 2093 Arena Blvd., Sacramento, California, 95834
  • Opening hours – Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m.


Mexican Consul Sacramento, California

There are different ways of identification provided by the Mexico Consulate in Sacramento, California, such as Consular I.D.s, Passports, and Visas. The consulate general can advise you about the range of services they give. Contact the nearest Mexican consulate general office to you and make an appointment.

At the Mexican Consul in Sacramento, California, the Foreign Affairs Ministry works to support Mexican nationals abroad. Examples of protection and consular services offered by the consulate general:

  • Assist victims of Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and Hate crimes
  • Ensure Mexican nationals obtain fair treatment while in custody of local authorities
  • Hold records and locate missing relatives
  • Give civil, criminal, immigration, and labor law advice
  • Provide interpretation and legal representation for Mexican nationals in custody

The Mexican Consulate offices work with local associations to sort out public services and activities.

Different between the Mexican Embassy Sacramento & Consulate General

Mexican consulate general Sacramento

A lot of people confuse the terms “embassy” and “consulate”. An embassy is a government entity representing the government of one country within another. They help national governments form connections between them by negotiating and interacting.

Normally, there is one embassy for any given country within the United States. The Mexican Embassy in the U.S. is located at 1911 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington, DC 20006. So, it doesn’t exist a Mexican Embassy in Sacramento.

The consulate general, rather than the Mexico Embassy Sacramento, fills all other objectives. Rather than serving anywhere in the country, the consulate general operates within the district it resides. Most nations have multiple consulate generals in the same country.

The Mexican immigration institute, also known as, The National Institute of Immigration interfaces with Mexicans that want to travel to neighbouring countries or foreigners that want to stay or exit the country (Mexico).

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mexican Consulate in  Sacramento


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Here the top 5 questions asked about the Mexican consulate general:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mexican Consulate in  Sacramento

1. How do I make an appointment with the Mexican consulate general online?

You can program an appointment by directly contacting the Mexican consulate general office you choose or utilizing the Mexitel online appointment service. Find the contact information on this page and you’ll be able to get in touch with a staff member about scheduling your appointment within their opening hours. 

Mexitel is an appointment setting service used by the Mexican government all over the world for visas and other consular services. 

2. How many consulate generals does Mexico have in us?

Excluding honorary consulates, Mexico has 50 consulate generals in the United States and 150 representations worldwide, which is proves its significant presence globally.

3. What does a Mexican consulate general do?

Whereas the Mexican immigration institute relates with Mexicans that are within the country (In Mexico) the main function of the Mexican consulate general is to protect Mexican citizens when they are abroad

In the United States, the consulate general supports and safeguards the rights and interests of the Mexican community in the country, in addition to achieving ties between Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and Latino communities.

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4. What services does the Mexican consulate general offer?

The Mexican consulate general provides a diversity of consular services, such as assistance with legal processes, medical emergencies, care with medical resources for the uninsured, procedures with identity documents, locating missing relatives, help to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and hate crimes, verification of the well-being of Mexican nationals who are in the custody of local authorities, among other services.

5. How do I make an appointment to renew my Mexican passport?

The process of renewing a Mexican passport in the United States is relatively easy. The first thing to do is schedule an appointment with the Mexican consulate general closest to where you are, for this you must call the Mexitel passport helpline at 877-639-4835.

After that, you must go to the Mexican consulate general office with the expired passport and the necessary documents within their opening hours. The renewal process will not require you to fill out extensive forms and the payment will be less for a renewed passport. You need to renew your passport in other to stay in the US legally or travel to other neighbouring countries.

Finding a Mexican Consulate Near Me

Finding a Mexican Consulate Near Me

When attempting to find a Mexican Consulate in Sacramento, check with the Secretary of Relations and Exterior for the local area. There are also multiple commercial sites where Mexican consulate general offices are listed alphabetically, such as this one.

When seeking a nearby consulate general, contact an immigration attorney in Sacramento. Not only can a sympathetic counselor direct you, but he or she can also provide more advice and representation with the Mexican consulate general office.

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