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Our Nashville immigration attorneys assist immigrants and their family members in Nashville, Tennessee, and the nearby towns. Our dedicated experts have decades of valuable experience with many different immigration cases, so we can assist you no matter your existing situation. Learn more about our Tennessee lawyers and how our immigration law services can help you achieve your goals. No matter the immigration services you want, we offer them. Please review some of the specific methods we assist our clients in Nashville, Tennessee every day:

Practice Areas – Nashville Immigration Lawyers

Green Cards

Being a green card holder will enable you legally work and live inside the U.S. in perpetuity. To ensure your green card application process is managed properly, call our firm’s office to speak to a stellar Nashville immigration attorney. We’ll help you complete your application and figure out if you qualify for requirement exemptions.

If this location is not close to you, contact an:

Immigration Attorney in Charlotte
Immigration Attorneys in Raleigh
Immigration Law Firms in the Greensboro
immigration lawyer in Memphis.



A visa will help you stay in the U.S. for a specified amount of time. You can qualify for a visa for various reasons, including education and employment. Please review the visas that our Nashville immigration lawyers can help you obtain:

For Healthcare Workers

Healthcare professionals complete essential jobs. If you wish to work in the United Tennessees temporarily, you may be eligible to do so. Nashville, Tennessee lawyer can help you update your H 1B status to simplify employment immigration matters and help ensure you make progress in your career.

For Students

If you are studying outside of the country, you’re going to need a student visa to continue your schooling in the US. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your student visa.

Naturalization & Citizenship

If you’ve been residing in the U.S. for a while and qualify for citizenship, we can assist you through the naturalization process. The Department of Homeland Security reviews citizens’ applications extensively to ensure they meet all the requirements, so it’s absolutely essential that you submit all the needed paperwork to qualify for permanent residency. A Nashville, Tennessee lawyer from our amazing team will make the process for naturalization for non-citizens as seamless as possible.

Deportation Defense

If you’re not a citizen of the United States and are eligible for deportation from the United Tennessees, contact a qualified Nashville, Tennessee lawyer for a complimentary consultation to discuss your circumstances. We remain within immigration compliance while assisting clients through removal proceedings.


USCIS service centers will grant asylum to foreign individuals if returning home will make them at risk for persecution. Our Nashville attorneys have successfully worked through many asylum matters for our clients. Obtaining asylum can be a tricky process to navigate, but our experienced team is ready to step in.

LGBTQ+ Immigration

People seeking U.S. permanent residence who are a part of the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) community regularly come across unique hardships. Their gender or sexual orientation often brings prejudice. They could have left their country of origin to avoid persecution. Others have experienced trauma and discrimination upon arriving in the United Tennessees. If this area is not close to you, contact an immigration lawyer in Lexington. An amazing middle Tennessee lawyer will assist LGBTQ+ immigrants through their unique roadblocks, including changing their gender markers on government documents.

Criminal Charges that Have Immigration Consequences

The intersection of immigration and criminal defense law is confusing. Don’t try to deal with these complications by yourself. The criminal defense attorneys with numerous years of success will review your case’s details and work to help you achieve your goal.

Family Immigration

Having a family member or family members that are lawful permanent residents or U.S. citizens according to US family law, can help you gain a green card. However, USCIS immigration forms can be difficult to understand. Filling them out wrong will extend the time it takes to acquire your green card and cost you more money long-term. Our immigration attorney team can help you find solutions amidst the intricacies of family immigration. In order to go over the individual processing details of your family immigration matter, contact us for free legal advice. If this location is not near you, try contacting one of our immigration law firms in Cincinnati.

Visas for Spouses

An American Immigration Lawyers Association qualified Tennessee lawyer can review your case to secure a visa for a spouse, including a K 1 visa for a future spouse or an IR1 visa for a spouse of a United States citizen. Don’t be misled by misleading attorney marketing. This process takes time and has to be completed the correct way. Otherwise, you and your spouse will be delayed than necessary for the visa. Our fantastic team is here to answer any immigration questions you may have – let’s chat today!

DACA Renewal

Since it was established in 2012, DACA has allowed children brought to the U.S. to be safe from deportation and become eligible for work visas. Via free legal advice, our fantastic group of immigration lawyers will review your eligibility for DACA renewal, to prolong your residency, and discuss a path to citizenship if possible.

What Our Immigration attorney in Nashville, TN Offer Our Clients

Want to know what sets us apart from the rest? Keep reading to see how we resolve immigration matters, help you through immigration court in Nashville, Tennessee, and push your application through to a USCIS regional center:

A Unique Perspective

Our fantastic group of immigration attorneys has many years of experience helping with different clients and cases. Starting with a consultation, we are prepared to pursue your immigration matters in Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas.

Strategic Advice

Our full-service law firm offers strategic, action-oriented suggestions in order to help you finish the immigration process in Nashville TN, Tennessee. We stay up-to-date on the latest immigration law news and legal services changes to get you the best possible outcome. Chat with a lawyer with many years of experience today through a free consultation! If this city is not close to you, contact an immigration lawyer in Columbus.

Document Management

If you are trying to live in the United States, you will have to complete many USCIS forms. To save you time and frustration, our experienced group will take care of document processing. Never misplace or fail to complete with a Tennessee immigration lawyer with years of experience as your partner.

Interview Help

Going into a green card, visa, or citizenship interview without preparation could result in a negative outcome. This process can be intimidating, however, being well-prepared increases your chances of your green card or residency interview going to plan. One of our Nashville immigration attorneys will help for your interview to gain a residency document or become a citizen.

Straightforward Fees

Our first goal is to help you achieve your immigration goals. Our Tennessee immigration attorneys absolutely never charge you unnecessary or unneeded fees. To experience the best immigration representation in Nashville, Tennessee, and the nearby areas, call our law office to schedule a complimentary consultation for legal help today. If this area is too far, we have immigration attorneys in Indianapolis.

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Coming to the U.S., whether as a temporary or permanent resident, can offer numerous social and professional advantages. Whatever your immigration status or country of origin, we will help you achieve your immigration goals. If you have any immigration law questions, don’t delay to contact a Tennessee lawyer!

No matter if you live in Nashville, Tennessee, or a surrounding area, we are here to help you with your residency in the US. With many positive online reviews, we are the premier Tennessee immigration law group. Our experience and success with cases can’t be matched.

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