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Our Network of Albany NY immigration attorneys with decades of combined experience helps immigrants and their family members in Albany, New York, and the nearby towns.

No matter the immigration services you’re seeking, our network offers them in Albany, New York 24 /7/365:

Practice Areas – Immigration Attorney Albany NY

Green Card Process

Green cards let you legally work and live inside the U.S., and it’s the initial requirement to become a permanent resident. Ensure timely and proper filing of the application and management of the green card application process and speak to a stellar Albany immigration attorney.

If Albany is too far away from your home, you can speak with an immigration attorney in any of these nearby locations:

Immigration Lawyer in Bronx
Immigration Attorney in Queens
Immigration Law Firms in the Buffalo
Immigration Law Firms in New York

Maintain Lawful Immigration Status

During the green card process – which can get quite lengthy, as the USCIS service center doesn’t offer any time guarantees – it’s critical that you maintain lawful immigration status and remain in legal immigration compliance (for instance, you may be able to extend H-1B status in one-year increments under certain circumstances).

Visas for Healthcare Workers & Students

Albany, New York attorney can assist you to update your H 1B status to simplify your employment immigration matter and make progress in your career as a healthcare employee in the U.S..

If you are learning abroad, you will need a student visa to continue your studies in the U.S.


Citizenship & Naturalization Application

If you’ve been residing in the U.S. for a while and qualify for citizenship, an Albany, New York lawyer will make the process of naturalization for non-citizens as seamless as possible.

Our network will help you check whether you meet the requirements of successful adjustment, e.g.:

  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Be a permanent resident for 3-5 years prior to the application,
  • Read & write basic English,
  • Be of good moral character, etc.

There are also requirement exemptions and our network will check whether certain exceptions apply to your case.

Deportation Defense

Facing removal proceedings from the U.S.? Contact a qualified Albany, New York attorney for a free consultation. Our network remains within immigration compliance while assisting clients through deportation proceedings or immigration appeals.


USCIS service centers will grant asylum to foreigners if returning home will make them at risk for persecution. Our network of attorneys has successfully worked through hundreds of asylum matters for our clients.

LGBTQ+ Immigration

An experienced New York immigration law attorney will assist LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) immigrants through their unique roadblocks, including changing their gender markers on official documents.

Criminal Charges with Immigration Consequences

The intersection of the related practice areas of criminal and immigration law is confusing. An immigration law attorney will review your case and help you achieve your goal.


Family Immigration

Our network helps you with the specific processing details of family immigration law matter for you or your family member.

Visas for Spouses

Our network can review your case to secure a visa for a spouse, including a K 1 visa for a future spouse or an IR1 visa for a spouse of a U.S. citizen.

DACA Renewal

DACA allows children brought to the U.S. to be safe from deportation and become eligible for work visas. Our winning network will review your case for DACA renewal, prolong your residency, and discuss a path to citizenship if possible.

What Our Immigration Lawyers Network in Lawyer Albany NY Offers Our Clients

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Our winning network of immigration attorneys has many years of experience working with different clients and cases regarding immigration law.

Strategic Advice

There are two USCIS service centers and your form takes on average six forms to process, though the time may vary slightly depending on your case. Don’t let various terms you may come across confuse you – such as premium processing that guarantees processing within two weeks (this service requires an additional fee), expedited processing, and so on. Our network is here to advise you on the best course of action!

Our network offers strategic, action-oriented advice to help you finish the immigration process in Albany, New York. They stay up-to-date on the latest immigration laws news and legal changes. You can start with a free consultation today.

Document Management

If you are attempting to live in the U.S., you will have to complete many USCIS forms. To save you time and energy, our document management service offered will account for document finalization. Never misplace or leave an immigration form incomplete.

Interview Help

Being well-prepared increases the prospect of your green card or residency interview ending in success. One of our Albany immigration attorneys will help assist with your interview to establish a residency document or become a citizen.

Straightforward Fees

Our New York immigration law attorneys never charge you unnecessary or unneeded fees.

Immigration Practice Group Focused on Immigration Law

Our network is devoted to the practice of immigration law and providing our customers with solutions to any immigration law matters, no matter how complex they may be. They’ll give you advice and guide you through your particular immigration law case in Albany, NY.

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Moving to the U.S. can offer many social and professional advantages.

Our network is here to assist you with your temporary and permanent residency in the US if you reside in Albany, New York, or nearby cities – regardless of your immigration status or country of origin.

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