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The Inmate Location Report was built for people just like you by a team of highly-awarded immigration attorneys. 

ICE DEtention Overview

Created by a top immigration lawyer, the Overview will tell you EXACTLY what to expect, explain legal options and share the latest developments with ICE. 


Detained Inmate Report

Our team of immigration lawyers will run a comprehensive database search to find the location of your loved one. You’ll receive all of the important details in a simple packet.


ESSENTIAL Questions & answers

All of the most common and important questions answered by a premier immigration lawyer. Learn about sending money, videos calls, changing lawyers, and more. 

Trusted Immigration Help

Our team of trusted immigration attorneys are here to help you immediately. 

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We know how frustrating it can be to have your loved one in detention. That’s why we work exceptionally fast to get you the answers you need. 

More Than Just a Report

Not only do we help you locate loved ones who have been detained, but we also provide you with the essential information needed for navigating the immigration system.

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“I had been looking for my brother for weeks and Immigration Hero found him within 24 hours. I was so relieved and used the information in the Report to help get a trusted lawyer and out of detention. Very happy with the service. 5 Stars!

Gloria Castellanos

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“When my cousin was detained, our whole family was in shock and scared for his safety, but we didn’t know where we could turn to get help. I found the Inmate Detention Report and it was exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend this to others in the same situation. 

Yesica Morales

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We help family and friends locate loved ones who have been detained and provide them with the essential information needed for navigating the immigration system.